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Do you feel like there is something heavy on your chest?

When was the last time you needed to talk to someone, but you couldn’t find any non- judgmental, safe listener?

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Where Conversation Heals.

An Experience of Talking and Listening.

Anonymous. Confidential. Supportive.

Express Yourself

To Empower yourself to regulate emotions, easing stress and anxiety.

Be a Listener

Grow with understanding, be a safe person for loved ones to build trust and respect. Explore the healing world of anonymous chat – Speak, share, and feel better.

It was great, more than great, it's really helping me, I'm talking for the second time and it's great.

It was so much more than just listening and it was all I needed!

It was a strange experience that made me feel that I am not alone.

How did you gather so many wonderful people in one place? Really, your work is great and I appreciate you.

It was the most relaxing conversation of my life. I really thank you.

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Is my data anonymous for everyone?

As an expresser, am I chatting with humans?

Why should I express myself?

Why should I be a listener?

Who is an active listener?

Can I be both a listener and an expresser?

Can I talk with the same listener again?

Are listeners paid?

Are Listeners professionals?

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