Do you feel like there is something heavy on your chest?

When was the last time you needed to talk to someone, but you couldn’t find any non- judgmental, safe listener?

Where Conversation Heals

An Experience of Talking and Listening

Anonymous. Confidential. Supportive.

Express Yourself

To Empower yourself to regulate emotions, easing stress and anxiety.

Be a Listener

Grow with understanding, be a safe person for loved ones to build trust and respect. Explore the healing world of anonymous chat – Speak, share, and feel better.

It was great, more than great, it's really helping me, I'm talking for the second time and it's great.

It was so much more than just listening and it was all I needed!

It was a strange experience that made me feel that I am not alone.

How did you gather so many wonderful people in one place? Really, your work is great and I appreciate you.

It was the most relaxing conversation of my life. I really thank you.

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Yes, your data is completely anonymous. Listeners and expressers will not have access to each other's data. We do not record any information from expressers, and the only information we have from listeners is their email, which is hidden from everyone.

Absolutely. Listeners are real humans, not AI. Feel confident that you are engaging in genuine conversations with empathetic individuals who are here to listen and support you.

Expressing your thoughts and feelings is a powerful way to reduce stress, identify and regulate your emotions, and enhance your communication skills. It fosters self-awareness and can contribute to personal growth.

Being a listener allows you to not only expand your understanding of others but also experience personal growth through active listening. It's a rewarding experience where you can help others while developing your own communication and empathy skills.

Active listening involves actively participating in a conversation without offering solutions, suggestions, or personal opinions. Active Listeners are individuals who give space for expressers to talk, strive to understand them, behave with kindness and empathy, and give their full presence and attention.

Certainly. You can learn to be an active listener and support those who want to express themselves. Whenever you feel the need, you can also search for a listener to share your thoughts and feelings.

No, at the moment, you can't browse or search for specific listeners. Each interaction connects you with a different listener.

No, listeners are volunteers who understand the value of actively listening to others. Their commitment comes from the heart, and they are here to provide support without any financial compensation.

Listeners can be anyone who possesses the ability to actively listen with empathy. They are not necessarily professionals but individuals who genuinely care about helping others by offering a compassionate ear.